Who invented the lottery games?

The lottery games or "lottery" was invented by Charles Fey, an American businessman, and banker. In 1885 in the state of New Hampshire, he created a form of tax collecting lottery that used numbered balls drawn from a bag to raise money for the state. This was the first modern lotteries in America and later led to an increased number of lotteries being held across the United States.

When did the lottery start?

The lottery has evolved over a period of time both in America and abroad. The first recorded use of lotteries took place in Athens, Greece, during 300 and 400 BC. These lotteries were used to fund war efforts and them typically only available to male citizens with a minimum age requirement. The term "lotto" comes from the Italian language meaning "a lottery". It's believed that the English word may have been derived from this Italian word.



Age of Online Lottery

The online lottery game is available online since 1996. The first online lottery ticket was sold in the year of 2008 and the first multi-state online lotto site was launched in the year 1993. This was a major turn for the evolution of online lottery games when people were allowed to buy tickets from the comfort of their own homes without having to wait until Friday afternoon at a store near them.

Start of Lottery in Africa

In the year 2000, in response to vast social and economic disparities in Africa, the first lottery was launched by a French company, Societe Europeenne de Loterie. The company wanted to stimulate economic development in Africa by raising capital for business investments, job creation, and more generally to fight poverty.

Society Européenne de Loterie first offered a single African lottery which took place in October 2001. This lottery drew 96 million entries worldwide and raised US$134 million for charitable causes.

Are Lottery Games Popular in Africa?

Africa is a continent of 54 countries and over one billion people. As it turns out, the degrees of the popularity of Lottery games vary quite a bit across this diverse land.

In Mauritius, for example, much like in the U.S., about half the population plays Lottery games on a monthly basis while about 30% play every week. In contrast to lotteries elsewhere in Africa, players can purchase tickets at gas stations and convenience stores (and online!). In Kenya, on the other hand, only 1% has played Lottery games in the last month while 10% have never played them before due to cultural taboos.


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