What is the Climb N' Win Tournament?

It's a month-long tournament at 25Lotto designed to reward consistent participants with a grand prize of a 250k shopping voucher this December.

How do I Join the Tournament?

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TOP 3 lucky lottery winners stories

Since the inception of the lottery in ancient China, it has been a great tool for social and economic change. This game has added more value to humanity than you can ever think of both on societal and individual levels. On societal levels, the lottery has helped many countries and civilizations build social infrastructures and provide regular income to the government. Many amenities in ancient...

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TOP 5 Tropical Places for a 25 Lotto Nigeria Millionaire

What is the best place to visit after you’ve won a lottery? Tropical areas are the best vacation destinations for a lottery millionaire looking for a place to relax. So, if you check all lotto result for today in Nigeria and find that you have won millions, where would you go first? If you have no idea, we’ll share the top tropical places that you can visit as...

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TOP 5 Exclusive Sports for a Lotto Millionaire

Becoming a millionaire means that you have to change your lifestyle. Living a millionaire’s lifestyle can be intimidating if you don’t know where to begin.

There are many facets of a millionaire’s lifestyle. Engaging in sporting activities is one of the most important facets of living the life of a millionaire. So, what are the exclusive sports for a lotto millionaire?...

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The Most Popular Lucky Numbers in the World

In a study conducted, it was discovered that most lottery winners use certain numbers. They have been dubbed the lucky numbers of the world.

Understanding these numbers can help with your selection of lucky numbers when playing the lottery. Maybe, you could join the list of people who have predicted Baba Ijebu winning numbers or the 25 Lotto Nig...

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What You Can Do with USD 1,000,000?

If you were given $1 million today, what would you do with it? It is a question that sounds easy but is quite complex because of the reality. Abstractly, there is a lot that you can do with USD 1,000,000, but the reality is that most people don’t have solid plans of using such an amount.

Today, we’ll share detailed ways of spending USD 1,000,000 without losing it.

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How a Nigerian Woman Blew ₦59 Million – Lessons to Learn

How long would it take for you to spend ₦ 59 million? Well, if you plan it well, it is enough to last a lifetime. But would believe it if you were told that someone spent it all in less than three months? Well, that is the story of a Nigerian woman who won ₦ 59 million from the Baba Ijebu lottery.

Today, we’ll share her story and important lessons that you can learn from her money...

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TOP 5 Investment Ideas in 2022 for a Lotto Millionaire

Becoming a millionaire can be a tedious endeavor, not unless you win a lottery. The lottery has changed the lives of many people. By just predicting a few numbers right, you could be the next millionaire. Regular lottery players can win millions. As such, they need ready investment ideas to keep their money safe. Investment is the best way to secure a lottery winning; otherwise, the chances of...

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TOP 5 Cities to Visit for a Lotto Millionaire

Winning the lottery is very exciting. Many things come to the mind of lottery winners, especially if they have won millions of cash prizes.

A vacation is one of the things that come to the mind of lottery winners. Going for a vacation is the best gift that you can give yourself after winning the lottery. Did you know that you can make your holiday perfect by visiting the top cities for...

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Baba Ijebu Winning Numbers – How Can They Change Your Life?

Have you ever thought of your life as a lottery winner? Did you know there is a possibility of winning the lottery if you are a consistent player? Baba Ijebu is one of the top lottery games in Nigeria that can lead you to a great lottery win.

It feels exciting to find that you have the right Baba Ijebu winning numbers. If you match all the numbers, then you should be ready for a signifi...

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Who invented the lottery games?

The lottery games or "lottery" was invented by Charles Fey, an American businessman, and banker. In 1885 in the state of New Hampshire, he created a form of tax collecting lottery that used numbered balls drawn from a bag to raise money for the state. This was the first modern lotteries in America and later led to an increased number of lotteries being held across the United States.


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Raffle lottery game - is it worth playing?

A raffle game is a form of lottery. The raffle is a game in which a player buys tickets with numbers on them, each number stands a chance of winning a prize or a medium of money-raising by selling tickets that are numbered and when the numbers are drawn at random, the owner of the numbered ticket wins a particular prize. The lottery is stress-free and the fastest way to increase your income.

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Lotto Pathfinders – What You Should Know?

Winning the lottery is the ultimate fantasy of most people. The thought of winning millions in the lottery can make people do whatever it takes to get the winning numbers. This is why lottery predictions like Lotto Pathfinders are gaining popularity rapidly.

Because of the growing interest in pathfinder lotto, we’ll explore everything that you need to know about Lotto Pathfinders....

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Derby Lotto Nigeria – All You Have to Know

The lottery is gaining popularity in Nigeria. The citizens of this populous African nation have embraced the lottery because of the numerous benefits that they get.

There are several lotto companies in Nigeria with Derby Lotto Nigeria as one of them. It is one of the lottery companies that many people have an interest in because of its locality. Here, we’ll discuss all that you ne...

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TOP 5 places to live for a lotto millionaire

Lotto is a lottery game that offers many amazing prizes and jackpots to its players and winners. Lotto has been used for fundraising in the past even before this new age world.

One of the first things that lottery winners and others who make a lot of money do are to travel to a place with good weather, a good standard of living, or a country with low tax rates at a particular time of th...

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