What is the Climb N' Win Tournament?

It's a month-long tournament at 25Lotto designed to reward consistent participants with a grand prize of a 250k shopping voucher this December.

How do I Join the Tournament?

You've automatically entered by playing any lottery game on 25Lotto. Each play counts toward your tier progression.

How Are The Tiers Structured?

Tiers are determined by the number of days (not number of games) you've participated in the last 30 days/the tournament. Tier 1 to Tier 4 represent different levels based on participation days.

What Are The Benefits of Each Tier?

How Can I Be Eligible For The Prize?

To be eligible for the grand prize draw in Climb N' Win December, you need to be in Tier 4 at the time of the draw. This means you must have consistently played throughout the tournament and reached the highest tier.

How Are Winners Determined?

Once the final draw takes place, one lucky player from Tier 4 will be crowned the grand prize winner! But that's not all! 15 additional players from Tier 4 will also be chosen as runner-ups and receive 10K Shopping Voucher.

How Do I Increase my Chances of Winning? 

Play consistently and climb your way up to Tier 4. The more you play, the higher your chances of being one of the lucky winners!

Remember, winners will be chosen from Tier 4 players ONLY. So keep playing and keep climbing to maximize your chances of winning big!

How Can I track my Tier Progression?

Here's how you can track your tier progression:

  1. Email: We will send you regular email updates informing you of your current tier and progress. These emails will also contain valuable information about upcoming deadlines, promotional codes, and important announcements.
  2. Whatsapp: Stay updated on the go with personalized Whatsapp messages! We'll send you notifications about your tier changes, special offers, and reminders to keep playing.

Are There Any Restrictions To Who Can Participate?

The tournament is open to all registered players on 25Lotto. However, specific terms and conditions apply.

Can I Lose My Climb N' Win December Streak?

Yes. It's important to understand that your Climb N' Win December streak has a specific cycle of 30 days. This means:

For example:

Do I have to Win all my Games for me to Stay in the Tournament?

No, you don't have to win all your games to stay in the Climb N' Win December tournament! Participation is key!As long as you meet the minimum participation requirement for your current tier, you'll remain in the tournament and have a chance to win amazing prizes. So, relax, play regularly, and enjoy the Climb N' Win December journey!

How Do I Apply My Promo Code?

To apply a promo code on the 25 Lotto website:

Log in to your account on the 25 Lotto website.

Navigate to the ticket purchasing section for your desired game (your usual purchase process)

Look to your down left (just before “Buy A Ticket”), there is a "Promo Code"  button just before your checkout.

Enter your promo code into the designated field.

Click on "Apply" to activate the code.

Ensure the discount is applied before finalizing your purchase.

Need any help or information? You can reach out to our support team via the live chat, whatsapp  (https://wa.me/2347040143690), or email ([email protected]




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