Golden Chance Lotto – Nigerian home of lotto

It has been known for a long time that the lotto is very popular in Nigeria. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment globally, generating massive revenues for lottery organizers who always compete to offer more exciting games for players.


Many companies in Nigeria offer lotto to ensure that the country's people have great fun and the opportunity to win money. The use of national lotteries is perfectly legal. Nigerians can play lotto online as well as at ground-based lottery ticket outlets.


Golden Chance Lotto is one of the leading companies with an outstanding reputation among lottery enthusiasts. The brand is also highly appreciated by the competition, who see Golden Chance Lotto as an excellent marketing plan and a well-prepared offer that meets its recipients' expectations.


So, let's take a closer look at the Nigerian lotto organizer. What does the brand have to offer? Is it worth becoming a client? Can foreigners use the services of this company? And that's just the tip of the iceberg - we will cover much more extensive topics on Golden Chance Lotto.


golden chance lotto

Golden Chance Lotto – general information


The Nigerian company, Winners Golden Chance Ventures Limited, is the brand owner, which started operating in February 2005. It is a fully licensed company, regulated by the Nigerian government and the National Lotteries Regulatory Commission (NLRC).


By meeting the formal requirements, the company can offer its services at stationary points of sale in Nigeria and through the website winnersgoldenchance.com, which is intended for citizens of Nigeria. The company's management board is a team of ambitious directors and managers who have relevant experience in the gambling industry and excellent knowledge of the local market.


The headquarters of Winners Golden Chance Ventures Limited is located in Ikeja. There are also local offices in Surulere, Epe, Okokomaiko, Alagbado, Sango-Otta, Abeokuta, Sagamu, Ibadan, Ogbomosho, Osogbo, Akure, Onitsha, Kogi, Abuja, Enugu, and Port-Harcourt.


The lottery games offered by the company are available through various sales channels. The services can be used via the official website, playing via SMS, buying official lotto tickets in the mobile application, or using the terrestrial form of POS terminals.


The company provides services only to adult players. The Nigerian lotto offer is aimed at residents of the country or people who are in Nigeria and want to use the services on its territory. This means that lottery enthusiasts from abroad cannot use winnersgoldenchance.com and the mobile app.


To start playing, you need to open a free Golden Chance Lotto player account and make a deposit. The minimum deposit is ₦100, the minimum stake for a transaction is ₦ 5, and the maximum stake is ₦ 2500. Deposits can be made using;


It is worth noting that the company processes winnings every day, so players don't have to wait long to receive their money. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₦1000.


Golden Chance Lotto Offer


It must be admitted that the lotto games offer presented by Golden Chance Lotto is very extensive. Draws take place from Monday to Sunday, and the company provides at least three different games to choose from each day. Draws take place at 10.30 am, 3 pm and in the evening local time. For example, on Sunday, you can play Golden Express, and tickets can be purchased until 6:30 pm.


The offer includes games such as Monday's Treasure, Gateway and Monday Special, Tuesday's Jamboree, Redemption and Lucky, and Wednesday's Supreme, Mid-Week, or Golden Star. In total, Golden Chance Lotto consists of almost 50 games, among which every lover of great emotions will find something attractive for himself. Many of the company's customers play more than one lottery, and some even play every day to increase their chances of winning.


Golden Chance Lotto games are based on the classic 5/90 form, which means that the player's task is to pick from 1 to 5 numbers out of 90 possibilities. The player can select the numbers himself, or he can use the "Auto Pick" option, which is an automatic selection of numbers. Each game offers several types of betting - the choice of the kind and the stake determines the possible winnings.


Let's present an example. In lottery games offered by Golden Chance Lotto, the player can choose the type of DIRECT bet, which comes in 5 variants: Direct 1 - Direct 5. For example, in DIRECT 2, the player picks two numbers out of 90. The machine selects five numbers, and if these two numbers selected by the player are among them – he wins. For DIRECT 2, the prize's value is the rate multiplied by the N240 coefficient, that is, e.g., ₦ 100 x 240. For DIRECT 5, the coefficient is N 75000!


The more numbers a player decides to choose, the higher the stake is on his bet - the more money he can win. Many players choose to take the highest risk to get a chance for maximum cash prizes. After all, it is said that there is no fun without risk, and whoever does not risk does not drink champagne.


The website winnersgoldenchance.com provides detailed information about each lottery and descriptions of the available game variants, and the ratios used to calculate the prizes.


Draw results can be found on the official website of the Nigerian lotto organizer. For each of the games offered, you can easily see which numbers have been drawn and which allow you to claim a prize. Also, the website has an extensive lotto archive, where you can check the numbers drawn in previous draws.


If a player needs additional information or support - he can count on professional help from the company. Support staff, which can be contacted by e-mail or by phone, will answer all your questions, e.g., about today's Nigerian lotto draw results, detailed rules of individual games, or about methods of depositing and withdrawing the winnings. It is worth using support, although you can find a very well-prepared FAQ section containing the essential information on the official website.


If you're willing to try your luck, you should open an account at Golden Chance Lotto using the official website or the modern mobile application.


golden chance lotto


The types of lotteries offered by Golden Chance Lotto

There is a wide range of Gold Lotto games known as 'Bet Type' you can choose from. The different kinds of games tend to vary in terms of the amount to be won and the number of draws. Therefore, if you want to play successfully, you must know more about the games.


  1. The DIRECT Bet

The direct bet is a straightforward but structured game. This type of lottery comes with five variants. Therefore, the type of direct you choose determines the number you select. For example, if you decide to go with Direct 1, you can only pick the digits between 1-90.

As for Direct 2, you can only choose two numbers between 1-90 and so on. The machine selects five numbers, and if you are lucky enough to have two digits appear, you get to win the lottery. The type of directs are as follows;



  1. PERM

PERM 2 is also known as the game of permutation and is another type of lottery game on Gold Lotto. Also, PERM is one of the most popular lotto games played. In this type of lottery, you need to select numbers between 2 -10 numbers. The numbers are permutated so that they can give a wide range of possible winning combinations.


For instance, if you were to select the numbers 5, 10, and 50, you will get a permutation that goes;

Line 1- 5 & 50

Line 2- 5 & 10

Line 3- 10 & 50


In this case, the possible winning combinations are known as 'lines.' That said, when placing an amount for the ticket, you will need to allocate some the amount for each possible win. If you were to put N100, that would be N100 X3 possible winning combinations. That gives you a total of N300.

The same applies to PERM 3, PERM 4, and 5. The popularity of this type of lottery game has been on the rise, as it gives you the chance to be a winner just by getting the number combinations right.



At face value, AGAINST always seems like the most complicated type of lottery game. But the truth is, as soon as you understand the game, you will easily bag some substantial cash prizes. Once you have selected your bet type as AGAINST, you will be asked to choose your Main Number. You can choose between 2-5 numbers, maximum from 1-90.

Once you have your primary number, you will be required to choose your AGAINST numbers now. The AGAINST numbers must be two numbers from 1-90. And now, you can select the amount you'd like to place for your ticket.



This bet type has some similarities to the AGAINST bet type. In this case, you are also required to select the Main number and the AGAINST number. As for the main number, you will need to pick five numbers from 1-90. On the other hand, choose a maximum of 10 numbers for the AGAINST number from 1-90. Now, you can proceed and stake your amount to play.


Prizes Offered at Golden Chance Lotto

In the Gold Lotto, you win your prize by matching your ticket numbers to numbers drawn during the results. However, the prizes offered at Gold Lotto tend to differ depending on the bet type you choose. For example, for DIRECT 2, the prize's value is the rate multiplied by the N240 coefficient—for instance, ₦ 100 x 240. As for DIRECT 5, the coefficient is N75000!


Where to check Gold Lotto official results

The same way we register for Gold Lotto online and engage in playing the games, you can also check the official results online. To check the Golden Chance Lotto results, you just need to visit the Gold Lotto official website.


The best part is that, once you know you've won, it's relatively easy to claim your prize. There are different ways in which you can claim your prize. All you have to do is request for payouts on the website or tender the ticket you have on any of their stands.


How to use the Golden Chance Lotto result archive?

Every lottery player always has the same thought 90% of the time. Can I predict the next draw? While common sense might tell you, no, wishful thinking, on the other hand, will tell you yes. That said, if you are planning on coming up with your own set of lucky numbers, you can easily do so by checking the results archive of the previous draws then selecting your random numbers.


Golden Chance Lotto result for today


Lottery results can create a lot of suspense and tension between the players. Sometimes, you may have to wait for days or even months before you get your results. However, Golden Chance results are different from most of these other lottery game results.


Immediately after the draw, the results are published on the Gold Lotto official website. Therefore, you will not go through the pain of passing days and weeks before you get Golden Chance Lotto results.


'Golden Chance Lotto result for today' is also one of the most popular phrases in Nigerian search engines. There is no doubt about it as today we have a staggering 70% of the Nigerian population that looks for 'Today's Results on Google.' That shows that lottery games are prevalent in Nigeria.


The best part is that you can use the official Golden Chance Lotto website and application to check your results. This is a seamless process that is very straightforward. Therefore, as soon as the draw is reached, you can access the results for that day online on the official website.


How can the Golden Chance Lotto result change your Life?

We've all been there, dreaming about winning a lottery, and our lives turned into a fairy tale overnight. People must understand that there is much more to winning lotteries than just a quick dopamine buzz and money to throw away. You could transform your entire life if you put some thought into your financial planning.


However, big money comes with significant challenges, and not everyone is always ready for that. But, while money cannot buy you eternal happiness, smart money management skills can transform everything for you. So, if you have been dreaming of changing your life, this no longer has to be just a mere dream. You can achieve it with Gold Lotto today.

  1. Stronger Financial Security and Stability

While it's true that money cannot buy you happiness, it can afford a more stable sense of financial security that will make you an all-around happier person. Financial struggles tend to create a lot of stressors in the lifetime stem of the majority of people.


When people can't seem to get by all the mortgages and debts, their children's education, and medical covers, it can have a significant toll on your general happiness. But if you have a large lottery win to bail you out of it, you can live your daily life happier with a lighter load on your back.

  1. You Get to Work Less

Let's face reality; we all need to work to get by our bills. And no matter how much we love our jobs, at some point, you may feel burned out. Besides the usual 8-5, you may need to work a lot more overtime hours to secure your bag. Simultaneously, it would be best to separate some time for your happiness, hobbies, and family.


In the midst of all that, you need to earn a living to meet your basic needs. Although we wouldn't advise you to let go of your job entirely, when you win a lottery, you can significantly reduce your working hours.


What's more, when you win the lottery, you have more money for investments that can give you great long-term returns. In fact, you can even start a profitable business, something that will untie you from being accountable to your 8-5 job.


  1. More Funds to Purchase Assets

If you work a day job, you've probably been living in a rental home for the longest time in your life. But now that you have a million-dollar lottery in your bag, you can finally purchase a home for your family. The fact that you don't have to pay any more mortgage payments every month that itself will be a huge chunk taken out of your monthly burden.

Also, you can finally get your family that summerhouse you've been dreaming of for the longest time. However, when choosing the assets you want to buy, be a bit more practical with your choices. What do we mean? Make sure you get something that's likely to appreciate in nature.

  1. You Can Travel More and See the World

Almost everyone dreams of traveling and seeing the world when they are young. Unfortunately, very few people can reach their dreams. But now that you have bagged the lottery, you are one step closer to your goal.

With the lottery, traveling the world is now within your reach, and you can finally see everything this wide world has to offer. Travelling comes at a considerable price, and considering the fact that you still have so many daily expenses to sort out, it may be only a dream for the longest time. The lottery simply makes it easier for you to afford the cost of traveling.


TOP 5 tips for Gold Lotto players

If you are an enthusiastic Gold Lotto player, we are sure you would like to get your hands-on the best tips for improving your winning potential. That said, in this section, we will discuss some of the things you need to have in mind to win a jackpot prize for Gold Lotto.


  1. Always Buy More Tickets

Although this is an obvious tip, very few people actually follow it. Let's get a bit practical with this if your chance of winning the lottery is one in a thousand when you have two tickets that becomes one in five hundred, and with four tickets, it becomes one two hundred and fifty. While most people will tell you that you are spending too much money to win a prize, it's worth it as you get to increase your probability of winning.


  1. Form a Playing Syndicate

Playing syndicates is one of the essential strategies that serious lottery players go for. Syndicates are essentially groups of people. It could be associates, friends, or family who gather together and pool their money with the intention to win a lottery. Actually, most of the lottery jackpots won in history were won by such syndicates.

It's easier for syndicates to bag the jackpot as everyone has a common goal; to win and win big. When playing in such large groups, there are better opportunities. The fact that you are playing more numbers, your odds are also bigger hence better chances of hitting the jackpot. Although you will have to share the final prize, you will notice that the money you get is still worthwhile.

However, to create a syndicate, you need a certain level of trust and readiness that you can' just find anywhere. Therefore, it's better to start with family members and friends closest to you. That way, you will increase your chances of winning.


  1. Go Where there is Less Competition

If you want to have better chances of winning a lottery, you need to explore more unpopular game options. Most people are likely to camp at the most popular lottery games meaning that you have lesser chances of winning. So, it would be best if you went for the less popular games with lesser players as that will give you a higher chance of winning.


  1. Avoid Playing Lotto Based on Birth Dates

When you use a birthday to play the lotto, that means you have limited yourself to numbers between 1 and 31. Therefore, there is no difference between that and the calendar method as it limits your chances of winning with the limited choices. That is why the best way is to find random numbers. You can consider using a random number app to pick your combinations.


  1. Never Miss the Draws

This is another crucial point that you shouldn't miss, yet most lottery players know very little about it. The lottery is a game of second chances, and you can't just throw your slips and close tabs in an online lottery. You can learn from the different patterns in draws that you can learn from. In fact, many players make predictions of the next numbers from their interests, and they end up matching.

However, you must understand that every number has equal chances of making the draw no matter how many times it has appeared in the past. Actually, past draws have little to none impact on future draws. That said, you can always look at draws, study the trends, and draw your conclusions. You might learn a thing or two from the draws. And who knows, you might be the lucky one.


golden chance lotto

In Summary

Golden Chance Lotto is evolving every day, and many people are cashing out from it. So, take time to understand everything about Gold Lotto, as we've discussed in the article. Once you know how the various lotto games work, playing will become such an easy thing. However, this is not always a guarantee that you will win. That's because there are so many factors that influence winning.

Although for some folks, playing the lottery is one of those 'strike it rich' deals, for others, it can be such an income drainer. And that is why we always encourage you to play with money you can comfortably spare. That way, you will not sink deeper into the lower economic class.


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