How a Nigerian Woman Blew ₦59 Million – Lessons to Learn

How long would it take for you to spend ₦ 59 million? Well, if you plan it well, it is enough to last a lifetime. But would believe it if you were told that someone spent it all in less than three months? Well, that is the story of a Nigerian woman who won ₦ 59 million from the Baba Ijebu lottery.

Today, we’ll share her story and important lessons that you can learn from her money mistakes.

How did she win?

The winning of the Nigerian woman came from matching all the Baba Ijebu winning numbers correctly. She played for the jackpot and won it.

Even though much of the story isn’t published, she was a seasoned lottery player. However, she had no history of winning prior to her ₦ 59 million super win. The only lesson that you can learn here is persistence. Keep on playing the lottery and you could be the next big winner.


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Her lottery misfortune

You’ve all heard of the curse of the lottery, right? Even in its wildest misconception, the curse of the lottery followed the Nigerian woman. Her lottery misfortune story was narrated by a Twitter user called Mimigold. Here are the highlights of her misfortune.

Regular nightclub attendee

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a regular attendee of a nightclub. But there are many wrongs if you suddenly become a nightclub adherent soon after winning the lottery. That is the story of the Nigerian woman. She would spend all her nights in a club.

On regular days, she would spend more than 1 million. With that kind of expenditure, you cannot expect her to keep the money that she had intact. She was destined to lose it sooner than later.

Extravagant expenditure

Another thing that made her lose her money quickly was her extravagant expenditure. She would buy anything that impressed her. Again, there is nothing wrong with buying something that impresses you. However, you have to stay within your budget to save the money that you have won from the lottery.

The aftermath

As expected, the regular nightclub expenditures were soon to end. In less than three months, she had exhausted all her lottery winnings. The Nigerian woman became even poorer than she was because of debts that she had. Currently, she is a beggar who can’t afford to buy the most basic things, let alone luxury.

Lessons to learn from her lottery misfortune

According to Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad, Poor Dad, “if you don’t know how to make money without money, you will not know how to make money with money.” This quote summarizes the reason why the Nigerian woman could not keep her money. She did not have the basic money skills.

Therefore, we’ll share a few tips that should be in your mind when you check the newest lotto results for today and find that you are a lucky winner.

Avoid spontaneous expenditures

The first thing that you need to do is to restrain yourself from spontaneous expenditures. You will be tempted to start spending your money on fun things like clubbing, shopping, road trips, etc. Avoid them, unless you have planned for them.

Invest your money

The best way to protect your winnings is to invest. Investments will make you become richer than you are if you find the right investment. You need to be careful about the kind of investments that you will engage in to avoid disappointments. You can check the top 5 investment ideas in 2022 for a lotto millionaire if you don’t know the right investment for you.

Save money in a fixed account

Just to protect your money from possible bad investment decisions, you should save at least a third of your winnings in a fixed deposit account.

If you consider these tips, you will never experience the kind of story the Nigerian woman did.

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