TOP 5 places to live for a lotto millionaire

Lotto is a lottery game that offers many amazing prizes and jackpots to its players and winners. Lotto has been used for fundraising in the past even before this new age world.

One of the first things that lottery winners and others who make a lot of money do are to travel to a place with good weather, a good standard of living, or a country with low tax rates at a particular time of the year.

Investing in traveling has become an increasingly popular way for the super-rich to show off their wealth and fortune. They find a luxurious spot in any country of their choice for either a vacation with loved ones, family, or friends or to permanently reside there.


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Some cities have recorded the numbers of millionaires and billionaires living there. Examples of such countries are:

But you don't necessarily have to travel to these cities. We listed it just because of the number of billionaires residing there. There are other luxurious places in different parts of the world that you can travel to and enjoy your vacation or permanently reside there and we will be suggesting them to you shortly.

According to a New World Wealth survey, millionaires are moving to newer countries than ever before, with about 108,000 millionaires moving to new countries in 2018, compared to 95,000 in 2017. The United States, Canada, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates are some of the popular destinations for the world's ultra-rich.

Millionaires around the world are moving to new countries more often than ever for new reasons, often for tax reasons, or to escape the economic or political tensions of the country. The Global Market Research Group has divided the billionaire stream into 12 countries by dividing the number of new millionaires by the total number of people with high net worth who already live in the country. "Today's rich have no country," says Reaz H, Withers World wide’s partner to help wealthy customers travel around the world. Jafri told The New York Times in 2017. Although it is a single country, it has its commercial strategy. It's surprising to me that many of the very wealthy people are fully mobilized."

Depending on what you are looking for, if you are incredibly rich, these are the best places to live in!

1. Sydney Harbour in Australia

The sparkling waterway of Sydney is the center of attraction in the city of Australia. This place is the largest destination for ultra-rich people these days. NWW reports that many wealthy foreigners are likely to move to Sydney Harbour due to low crime rates, no inheritance taxes like the United States, and national security. That's why as a Lotto Millionaire, Australia is the first place where you can send quality relaxation without any fear of insecurity. You can register at the 25lotto.com website if you want to move to Australia after your winning.

2. Crete in Greece

Crete is the second place you will love to visit as a lotto millionaire. It's probably the most impressive place in Europe. It has a nice and impressive subtropical Mediterranean climate. The beach season also lasts from April to November. The local culture is indescribably rich. It is an island where the Minoan civilization prospered. The island is often said to be one of the best-saturated histories in Greece and the world. Living here is a mixture of physical and emotional sensations. Here you will find moderate sun intensity, clear soft waters, great history, fresh seafood always, fresh fruits always and fresh vegetables, good local wines, and countless entertainment options.

3. Victoria in Seychelles

Here you can find some of the most expensive and most luxurious villas on the planet. The sand is as white as snow, the water on the coral reefs is as clear as a pool, and the palm groves smell of tropical forests, trees, and flowers.

This place is sometimes described as the Garden of Eden because of how beautiful it is. Nothing is more luxurious than the nature of Paradisia on this tropical island. Do you want to spend your life here? Check how to play the GG World Mega Jackpot in Nigeria.


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4. Maui in the USA

Maui is one of the best surfing spots in the world. For diving enthusiasts, there are many things worth a look at. The local sea is clear. Therefore, you can fully enjoy the wonderful coral reefs.

In fact, it's a unique and special place to live, but it's better to have a lot of money to live here. And as a millionaire, living here is not a problem at all.

5. Tahiti in French Polynesia

This place is called Heaven on Earth. Tahiti is a true paradise for millionaires. Many wealthy Americans live here or overwinter. For them, this paradise offers warmth, the sun, exoticism, tranquility, and the opportunity to relieve everyday stress. You can play the GG World Mega Jackpot online to win and move to Tahiti.

These five places listed above are the top 5 best comfortable and peaceful places to live like a lotto millionaire that offers the best luxury that your money can buy.
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