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The lottery world offers many opportunities and entices players with the vision of big wins. Many fans of lottery games treat games of chance as entertainment and fun, which is supposed to introduce some emotions into everyday life, enable them to break away from problems, and pleasantly spend time. Of course, a large group of players treats the lottery as a way to get extra cash effortlessly.


Lotto Nigeria is very popular among Nigerians, who play lotteries for the same reasons as fans of gambling around the world. Recently, Nigerians can play new, attractive lotteries at 25 Lotto Nigeria. Games from the GG World family are becoming more and more competitive to the existing Nigerian games. Do you want to know more about the new deals in the Lotto Nigeria world? Check out how to play the new GG World Mega Jackpot game and why you should try your luck.


25 Lotto Nigeria


Lotto Nigeria – Everybody plays!


As we mentioned, lotteries are very popular in Nigeria. This is due to the fact that over 100 million citizens use mobile phones with Internet access. In Nigeria, you can play the lotto in two, or actually three, ways: at traditional lotto ticket outlets, via websites run by companies organizing number lotteries, and using modern applications for Android and IOS systems.


Lotto Nigeria lottery ticket-selling points are run by official agents who cooperate with national lottery organizers, such as Green Lotto Nigeria, Western Lotto Nigeria, 25 Lotto Nigeria or Naija Lottery. The terminals print paper tickets with numbers chosen by the player. To make a purchase, you need to visit an overground outlet that is easiest to find in large cities.


Playing Lotto Nigeria online is very simple as each of the companies that offer licensed and regulated lotto games in Nigeria runs an official website that presents the details of the offer and allows you to buy tickets. To take part in the draw of the selected Lotto Nigeria game, all you need to do is register on the website, open a player's account and deposit funds, which will be used to purchase tickets. Besides, you can check the official drawing Nigeria Lotto results on the authorized websites of the Nigeria lotto organizers. To play online, the player needs a computer, laptop, or any mobile device with Internet access. Favorite numbers in Lotto Nigeria lotteries can be selected at any time of the day or night.


Mobile phone users are more and more willing to use modern applications for Android and iOS, thanks to which the lotto can be played in a very convenient way, at any time and during any activity. Simply download the application to your phone, register your player account, select the lucky numbers and pay for the purchase using one of the many online payment methods. Nigerians like to play Lotto Nigeria using the app, as they can do it anywhere, such as on the bus to work, in the line to see the doctor or drinking coffee during a break at work.


We are convinced that you can find many Lotto Nigeria fans around you. Take a look around and you will surely find people who, just like you, are interested in lotteries and the possibility to win money thanks to lucky numbers.

New 25 Lotto Nigeria – meet GG World Mega Jackpot


Thanks to access to the Internet in Nigeria, lovers of lotteries can benefit from domestic and foreign offers. 25 Lotto Nigeria has recently appeared on the market, gaining more and more popularity and increasing the group of its loyal fans.


The first proposition that definitely stands out from other Lotto Nigeria games is GG World Mega Jackpot. Its draws are held twice a week - every Tuesday and every Friday. In this lottery, the price of tickets is fixed (you can buy more than one ticket for a given draw, you can buy tickets for several consecutive draws) and the minimum jackpot to be won is ₦100,000,000! Moreover, in GG World Mega Jackpot rollovers are possible, which means that when no player wins the 1st tier prize in a given draw, the prize pool goes to the next draw and increases. Is this game worth playing? The answer is simple, especially when you consider how many major prizes in other Lotto Nigeria lotteries you would have to win to get the equivalent of GG World Mega Jackpot.


To play the new GG World Mega Jackpot, you just need to create a player account on our website. After registration, you need to pick your favorite numbers. The player has to choose 5 basic numbers from 1 to 50 and two bonus numbers from 1 to 12. To win the jackpot, correctly select all 7 numbers that will be drawn.


How to pick numbers and increase the chance of winning the new Lotto Nigeria?

The lucky numbers that will take part in the GG World  Mega Jackpot lottery draw can be selected by yourself or you can use the Quick Pick option. If the player wants to choose the numbers himself, he can compose his set of favorite numbers using, for example, important dates, numbers that symbolize something important in life, numbers that make up a telephone number, or any other numbers that have some meaning for him. With the Quick Pick option, all 25 Lotto Nigeria numbers are selected automatically at random.


How to increase the chances of winning? In the GG World Mega Jackpot lottery, there are as many as 139,838,160 possible combinations of winning numbers. The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 12.97. It is worth remembering that each number has exactly the same chance of being drawn in 25 Lotto Nigeria. This means that there is no effective method to predict which numbers will be drawn and which will open the door to the world of big wins.


It is worth inviting family and friends to play together to increase the chance of winning the new Lotto Nigeria. Playing in a syndicate is very popular around the world because more people in a group can accumulate a larger budget for purchasing tickets. If you invite your loved ones to play GG World Mega Jackpot, you will be able to buy more tickets and use more sets of 7 lucky numbers.


25 Lotto Nigeria


Remember that each 25 Lotto Nigeria draw is new chance to win prizes. To increase your chances of winning, do not miss the draws. In a year, you have 108 chances of winning prizes in the GG World Mega Jackpot lottery - based on two draws a week, for 54 weeks a year. You never know when your favorite numbers will be selected during the draw, and can you imagine a situation where you missed the draw and the drawing machine picked your numbers on that day? Remember to participate in every new 25 Lotto Nigeria draw.


Once you have chosen your favorite numbers to bring you luck, be faithful to them, and buy a ticket for each draw that includes your fixed set of numbers. Many lotto millionaires around the world admit that they won only because they were patient and consistent and that their fixed set of lucky numbers participated in every draw. If you want to join the ranks of lotto millionaires - trust their tips.


Join the 25 Lotto Nigeria & the GG World Lotto online lotteries fan community today! Choose the GG World Mega Jackpot lottery and play for huge money that may change your life. We are sure you will enjoy the new lottery available to players from Nigeria. Check how much you can win in the next draw and choose your favorite numbers now.


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