Can you trust Jelinco Lotto Empire?

Nigeria is the fastest growing country in Africa, with the largest economy on the continent. It is a country of opportunities with over 200 million people, half of whom have modern mobile phones with internet access. Nigerians are eager to enjoy various forms of online entertainment. Lotteries were legalized in Nigeria relatively recently, in 2005, are one of the favorite forms of entertainment. Lotto attracts with the promise of great emotions and the possibility of winning big money.

Nigerians, like lottery players around the world, are looking to increase their chances of winning. Lotto forecasts offered by many tipsters and many groups that charge a fee for their forecasts are very popular in Nigeria. Jelinco Lotto Empire is one of them and is probably much more popular than Effi Lotto Himself group. Is it worth using such forecasts? Are the forecasts offered by Jelinco Lotto effective and reliable? Read our article if you want to learn more about the forecasts for Nigerian lotteries.


jelinco lotto empire

Jelinco Lotto Empire – general information

Jelinco Lotto Empire offers its services in the form of paid forecasts for lotteries since 2013. Contact with players and potential customers is done on Facebook. In fact, it is difficult to determine whether one person or a group of people is behind Jelinco Lotto Empire because information about the activities of the tipster or tipsters is very modest. Apart from Facebook, it is in vain to look for information, because there is no website that explains the method of operation and rules of cooperation between players and the tipster representing Jelinco Lotto Empire.

Based on the analysis of the posts available on the fanpage, it can be concluded that the services offered by Jelinco Lotto Empire are paid forecasts. The player who wants to use them must contact by phone using WhatsApp. In response, he receives the deposit details and the amount he must pay before receiving forecasts of the winning lottery numbers offered by Western Lotto Limited. Jelinco Lotto Empire focuses on games that are available in the Western Lotto offer" Western Splash, Western Million, Bonanza, and many more.

To join the VIP group that receives premium forecasts, you must pay a membership fee of 5,000 nairas.

Are you wondering about the effectiveness of forecasts offered by Jelinco Lotto Empire? Unfortunately, we were unable to find any statistics that would prove the effectiveness of the forecasts. What is this caused?

We suppose that the effectiveness of Jelinco Lotto Empire's forecasts, like all other forecasts in the lotto world, is small, if not nonexistent. Why? Lottery games are games of chance in which there is no logical justification for selecting a given number at the draw. Each of the numbers in the pool of numbers for a given game has the same chance of being drawn. There is no method that could predict the results of the 25 Lotto Nigeria draw.

Why do lotto fans use Jelinco Lotto Empire forecasts?

The first, quite obvious, motivating factor to use the forecasts offered by Jelinco Lotto Empire is the desire to win a prize and a lot of money at all costs. Especially people who treat the lottery as a way to earn money, and not as entertainment, believe that thanks to paid hints they will be able to win. Some people believe that by investing, for example, 5000 nairas in paid tips, they will get a return on investment very quickly when they win big in the Nigerian lotto.

For many people, the decision to use Jelinco Lotto Empire is influenced by good advertising. When browsing the posts on the tipster's fanpage, you can see that when advertising his services, he uses phrases that encourage the game, create a vision of a sure win by using paid forecasts. You can see references to God and faith that are designed to convince a potential customer to use the offer. It is said that a good salesperson who can speak beautifully and spark the customer's imagination is able to sell even the biggest trash.

Some players choose to use paid forecasts because they are unfamiliar with how number lotteries work and are letting someone persuade them that there are ways to predict which numbers will be selected. Often, when players understand that lotteries are games of chance in which everything is decided by chance, they stop using paid 25 Lotto Nigeria prediction and forecasts.

It also happens that the Jelinco Lotto Empire forecasts are used by players for convenience because they do not want to choose the numbers themselves. Some players believe that if someone else chooses the numbers for them, the probability of winning will be much greater.

Very often, when it turns out that the effectiveness of paid forecasts is negligible, there is a great disappointment. It is hardly surprising when someone promises to win prizes thanks to the forecasts, and it turns out that the player not only did not win the prize but also lost money invested in paid forecasts. This is why we advise you to be very careful, and not to use lotto forecasts. You can achieve much better results with your own lucky numbers, consistency, and patience. The money that a player would spend on the paid tips is better to invest in buying more tickets.

In our opinion, it is not worth trusting the paid lotto forecasts. They are not effective, and logically speaking, would anyone in the world, having mysterious knowledge of how to predict lotto numbers, share this knowledge with other people? Would the author of Jelinco Lotto Empire forecasts, being able to predict the winning numbers, really offer tips for tens or thousands of nairas instead of winning the top prizes in Nigerian lotteries? With such knowledge, a tipster could even win gigantic prizes in the world's biggest lotteries. Since the author of Jelinco Lotto Empire forecasts is not a real lotto millionaire - the conclusions should be obvious.

If you want to win the lottery - choose the lucky numbers yourself, take part in each draw, and believe that the day will come when your dreams of winning will come true, and your patience and persistence will be properly rewarded.


Jelinco Lotto Empire


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