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Recently, online sports betting has grown to heights that most people didn't expect. More importantly, you can now access these platforms with only a touch of a button on your smartphone. The list of online betting sites is growing every single day. But unfortunately, that has also exposed most gamblers to online scams and fake sites. Therefore, it's always better to do your due diligence whenever you get involved with a betting site.


That leads us to today's topic; what is NairaBET? Or better yet, how safe is it? NairaBET is increasingly becoming popular thanks to its incredible features and intuitive user interface. Hold up! Do you know what NairaBET is? If not, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we will break-down NairaBET to give you a better understanding of how the platform works and how to navigate around. What's more, this article will help you decide on whether or not to use NairaBET.



NairaBET - What is it?

NairaBET is one of the leading betting soccer companies. The company was started back in 2009, making it the founder of betting companies in Nigeria. Their official site offers several betting markets that you can capitalize on. Additionally, the company was licensed by the LSLB (Lagos State Lotteries Board). That means it's a legit platform, and you don't have to worry about getting scammed.


Even when there's no sporting event, on NairaBET, you can concentrate on the virtual games available on the platform. Without a doubt, a sporting match is a serious business, and most bettors take it as a full-time job. That's because winning is not because of sheer luck.


Thankfully, the team behind NairaBET understand that betting is a lifestyle and not a one-time fluke that you will eventually get over. That is why the platform offers virtual games that could help you double your winnings for the week even when no games are happening. And that's not all! There are several reasons why NairaBET is so prevalent in the betting world and why it's more popular than for example the Lotto9ja Nigeria. With that in mind, let's take a look at the reasons why NairaBET is so popular.


Why is NairaBET so popular?

10% Monday Deposit discounts

NairaBET offers one of the most lucrative deals ever. Through NairaBET, you'll never experience Monday Blues. This platform provides a 10% discount on deposits made on Monday. And I mean every single Monday will be a discount day throughout the years. Amazing, right? Well, this deal puts the NairaBET company way ahead of all its competitors. That's because there's no other bookie that could offer the same discount as NairaBET.

NairaBET will pay even when on bet spoils the deal

Imagine a betting company that will pay you for a multi-bet that was spoiled by a single bet? Well, that's what NairaBET will do for you. We all know what it feels like when you lose a gamble because of one failed prediction. Sometimes, such experiences could give you nightmares if the money you were about to win was huge.


NairaBET will give your cut even when one game fails. Yes, you heard that, right? And we promise it's not a false claim. Sure enough, NairaBET will pay you the rest of the games by eliminating the one game that failed. All you have to do is create an account on their platform to find out for yourself.

Editing your ticket even after placing your bet

We know it's impossible for you even wrap your mind around the idea that a betting company could let you edit your slip even after placing the bet. Well, we are here to tell you that NairaBET will do that for you. On this platform, you have the chance to edit the slip even after you've already placed the order.


In most cases, we end up accidentally adding an extra team from our perfect multi-bet slip. And for some reason, that additional team is what spoils the entire bet. We know how nerve-wracking such an ordeal can be, especially if you took hours researching the perfect slip. With NairaBET, the new feature, 'Edit My Bet,' will allow you to change all that.


That means you no longer have to suffer the misery of losing a bet because of a simple mistake. More importantly, you can continue analyzing your games even after you've placed the bet. It doesn't get any better than that!

Cashing out

NairaBET also has an exciting feature that makes it stand out. This platform has a unique cash-out feature. When you've placed, and you've found out that already some of the games are successful, but you are not sure about the rest, at NairaBET, you can cash out. That means you will get paid for the successful bets that were correct. That makes NairaBET one of the best platforms if you are a daily bettor. That's because, by opting out of the multi-bet, you can reduce the losses.

Money transfers within the site

On NairaBET, you can send funds to your friend's account, which is an easy funding process. That means you don't have to use the bank to make any deposits. All you have to do is talk to a friend on the platform, and he/she can transfer the funds to your account. Easy-peasy, right? You can make millions through betting, and the money doesn't have to go to your bank account.

Easy funding

Aside from the simplicity of customer-to-customer funding, NairaBET makes it easy to deposit cash on the platform. To ensure you get the most out of sports betting, you have to deposit money to the online site. And the easier it is to fund your account, the more time you have to analyze your games. That said, NairaBET notices how vital every minute is in the betting industry, and the company ensures you have a smooth depositing process.


Whether you want to pay through an ATM or bank account, NairaBET ensures the depositing process is almost instant. More importantly, the platform also uses a specific USSD code that you can utilize to deposit funds to your NairaBET account. If you are using GTBank, you can dial *737*50*Amount*88# and select GTBank. Your NairaBET account will be funded almost instantly. That makes it easy to use your smartphone to fund your NairaBET with only a few clicks. Additionally, once you've confirmed the transaction, your account will be instantly funded, and you can start using the money for your next bet.

Re-betting feature

Have you spotted a new game that's worth betting on, but you've already placed the multi-bet ticket? Most platforms will not allow you to add a new bet onto an ongoing multi-bet. Thankfully, with NairaBET, you can use the re-bet feature available on this platform. That gives you the chance to save up on time and continue betting without the need to open a new bet. More importantly, you will also get to bet on time before the game starts.

Share the code

NairaBET makes it possible for both you and your friends to help each other and win. That's because, through NairaBET, you can share your code with your friends, and they can also bet. You don't have to start picking the games one by one to share with your friends. All you have to do is ask for the bet code, and your friends will jump into the game. That ensures that you don't miss out on any games, and your friends can also maximize the bet. With NairaBET, you and your friends can make money through the game.



Sports betting at NairaBET

Without a doubt, NairaBET is one of the largest Nigerian betting companies, and it offers over 25-different sport types that you could maximize on. The company covers both international and local games. However, since football is a sport that's favored in Nigeria, most local bettors will concentrate on football betting. That said, football is the primary market with over 700-stakes in the company.

More importantly, NairaBET has established a name for its self among regular bettors thanks to its favorable betting market and an impressive number of betting options. The company also supports the local football club, Shooting Stars SC, by becoming the football team's principal sponsors. The Shooting Stars SC is one of the teams in the Nigerian premier league. It's also a formidable opponent on the pitch, and they slaughter any football team that stands against them.


Sports Covered

As we said earlier, NairaBET is one of the largest companies in the betting industry. The site also covers a wide range of games that you can bet on. Some of the games that you will find on this platform include:




Betting Market

With this site, you will have access to flexible and favorable betting odds. Additionally, on this website, you can maximize the various betting options from some of the world's top-rated sports. Typically, football will receive the highest individual betting options of up to 30-different variations, for instance, Half time/full time and the old over/under option. That will also include some of the more complex games such as cards, Asian handicaps, corners, and the double chance option.


All in all, NairaBET doesn't only specify all its option on football-no siree! You will also get dozens of options on other sports such as horse and motor racing. As a daily bettor, you can choose between single and multiple bets. However, the multiple-bets will typically offer more lucrative results compared to the single bets.


But what you need to understand is that the single bets will generally have fewer risks than the multiple bets. Therefore, when you are incredibly optimistic about a couple of games, you can take your chances with the multiple-bets.

When it comes to betting, we all have different approaches. Some of us will choose to play it safe and take several single bets, while others will go with the multiple options. The safe option only helps reduce the chances of losing all your funds. However, that doesn't mean it's the best deal on the table. On the other hand, multi-bet has the highest returns and also bears the highest risk. Thankfully, with NairaBET, you can choose to exit the slip if you are unsure of the games' rest. Sounds, amazing right?


All you need to remember is that you could lose all your funds in the betting game. So, without a doubt, betting with caution is mandatory. Therefore, ensure you only bet with cash that you can spare. What do we mean? Well, do not use money that's meant for something else, for instance, rent or fees, to bet so that you can increase your income. You might lose all of it.


Casino at NairaBET

Another crucial part of NairaBET is the Casino section. The casino is a fantastic addition to the betting industry, especially if you are sick and tired of regular football betting. With the NairaBET casino, you can diversify your options and make the most out of your betting experience.


However, it's not as advanced as most casino online games. It's a bit skinny and limited in terms of the range of games that you can play. All in all, if you are a fan of casino games, this is probably the right place to start 'putting your money where your mouth is.' The casino section reflects a few fan favorites such as Roulette, Instant Win, Classic Slot Video Slots, Top Games, and New Games.


Virtuals at NairaBET

With all the popularity that NairaBET is gunning, it's obvious they would have a virtual betting section. When the season is over, and you don't have any games that you can bank on, NairaBET gives you an alternative to betting on virtual games. The virtual sports include tennis, horseracing, dog racing, and football. More importantly, NairaBET also has a virtual EURO Cup, a virtual adaptation of the real-life European Championships.


However, virtual games are significantly shorter compared to regular games. Most times, the virtual games will not last longer than three minutes. That said, with virtual games, you will know your fate faster, so you don't have to wait long hours waiting for a result.


An excellent example of the virtual games on NairaBET is virtual football. With this game, you will enjoy a current live match on the screen, and the next game will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. NairaBET will additionally show the countdown timer and the time you have to place your bet.


Most of the basic betting options available on regular live football are also present in the virtual games. That means, with virtual games, you can also bet for half-time results, goals, and handicap options. The same principles will apply to virtual horse racing, dog racing, and tennis.


All you have to do is find a game that you enjoy and start betting even in the virtual games. And the fact that the games take less time means that you bet as many times as you wish in a day and maximize your profits. However, you have to be cautious with this type of betting. That's because you run the risk of losing all your funds within a short time.



How to increase chances of winning at NairaBET?

Betting on NairaBET exposes you to a lot of advantages. But there are a few tips that you should use to ensure you can maximize the opportunities found on this platform. That includes:


Our opinion about NairaBET

NairaBET is extremely popular and with good reason. Without a doubt, it's a platform that's worth your time and money. However, you need to be careful, mostly if you've never dealt with NairaBET. It can get a bit confusing for first-time users. More importantly, the homepage is designed to give you more betting choices. That being the case, stick to the sports you know and only engage in a new game once you've done enough research.


The biggest challenge you are likely to face is trying new games when you are not prepared. That could lead to the loss of your investment in experimental betting. Thankfully, the variations in sports on NairaBET caters to all bettors. What do we mean? If you are a fan of basketball and not football, NairaBET has something for you. With this platform, you can stick to the sports you know better without feeling the need to switch things up.


Besides that, the fact that you can credit a friend's account from your account makes it easy to enter the gambling world. That's because you don't have to use your bank account to start gambling on NairaBET. Instead, you can quickly contact a friend, and he/she will credit your account on your behalf.


Generally speaking, NairaBET is the ideal choice for any advanced bettor and also any responsible gambler. It's not the right place for any 'greedy' participator since you might lose a lot in the process.


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