The Most Popular Lucky Numbers in the World

In a study conducted, it was discovered that most lottery winners use certain numbers. They have been dubbed the lucky numbers of the world.

Understanding these numbers can help with your selection of lucky numbers when playing the lottery. Maybe, you could join the list of people who have predicted Baba Ijebu winning numbers or the 25 Lotto Nigeria winning numbers.

Top lucky numbers in the world

1. Seven (7)

Seven is the most popular number in the world for winning the lottery. Many people believe that this number has luck. It is probably from the biblical depiction of the number seven as a complete number. You’ll often find people including this number in their sets of lucky numbers.


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2. Three (3)

The second popular lottery lucky number is three. After all, they say that good things come in threes. So, it is logical to make this a top lucky number that can win you millions.

3. Eight (8)

Both the Chinese and Japanese cultures have eight as a lucky number. In these cultures, the pronunciation of eight is the same as wealth and prosperity.

4. Four (4)

Despite its unpopularity in China, number four remains a top lucky number in the world. Adding it to the list of lucky numbers could see you emerge as a winner in a national lottery. When you add, you should check all lotto results for today in Nigeria to see if you are a lucky winner.

5. Five (5)

The addition of five as one of the lucky numbers comes from the Chinese culture. It is considered a lucky number in their culture for good results to good luck.

6. Thirteen (13)

Everybody knows number thirteen as the unluckiest number in western culture. But because of its popularity as the unluckiest number, it features in the list of common numbers used in the lottery.

7. Nine (9)

Nine is a popular number because of the prominence of Norse mythology in Norway. Remember, it is also a popular number in western soccer as a striking number.

8. Two (2)

Number two also made it high in the list of common numbers in the lottery. The appearance of this number is based on various cultures including the Chinese.

9. Forty-two (42)

It is a number that featured in the success of Jackie Robinson or Hitchhiker’s Guide. This is why it has featured in research as a popular lucky number in the world.

10. Eleven (11)

Number eleven is arguably one of the most popular numbers in the world. It eliminates number ten from the list.

Is there a guarantee of winning when you use these numbers?

Firstly, you need to understand the lottery is a game of chance. All numbers stand the same chance of being drawn.
However, the research revealed that a majority of top lottery winners have been using certain sets of numbers. These are the numbers that have appeared often in many draws. We’ll share all of them to help you craft your winning formula.

But if you are lucky to use these numbers and form a winning combination, you can read about what you can do with USD 1,000,000 to avoid confusion and a probable misfortune of your lottery winning.

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