What You Can Do with USD 1,000,000?

If you were given $1 million today, what would you do with it? It is a question that sounds easy but is quite complex because of the reality. Abstractly, there is a lot that you can do with USD 1,000,000, but the reality is that most people don’t have solid plans of using such an amount.

Today, we’ll share detailed ways of spending USD 1,000,000 without losing it.


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How to get USD 1,000,000?

There are many sources of getting USD 1,000,000. You can work your way up to get such an amount. This could take a long time, but you will get there. The other option is to play the Nigerian lotto online and win such an amount. This is all about luck and you could win anytime.

Assuming you’ve won the lottery and your winning prize is USD 1,000,000, how best would you spend it? We’ve got your back covered with great ideas that will make you a lifetime millionaire.

Top ideas to spend USD 1,000,000

1. Pay your debts

The first thing that you need to do is to pay your debts. There is nothing as bad as staying indebted to people or institutions while you are trying to make more money. The debts will drag you down someday.

When talking about debts, cover all the student loans that you have and any institutional loan that you have. Once you are debt-free, you can now think of other ideas to invest, save, or spend your money.

2. Buy a house and a car

Owning a house and a car is a dream of many people in Nigeria. It is a dream that secures your future while also elevating your social status in society. As a tip, you should buy a house that sits on its piece of land and not an apartment. The service fees charged in apartments might be problematic to pay when your lottery winnings are over.

3. Invest in a business

One million dollars is a lot of money that you can invest in any business that you want. Many lottery winners end up investing in businesses. You can read about how the Derby Lotto results for today can change your life through investments. You simply have to decide the best industry where your investment will materialize. In Nigeria, the following industries are great for investment:

Ensure that you understand the investment before committing to it. Seeking professional advice is also a way of protecting your investments.

4. Fixed account saving

With 1 million in a fixed savings account, you can earn a lot of money. A majority of banks will offer up to 10% interest. This means that you can be earning about $100,000 annually without working. This translates to about $8,000 monthly without working. Remember, your 1 million remains intact.

5. Support a charity

There are many charity organizations that you can support. If you have a philanthropic heart, giving out a part of the 1 million dollars won’t be an issue to you.


These ideas are not an illusion. They can be real if you check the newest lotto results for today and find that you have won USD 1,000,000.

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