Western Lotto Nigeria Ltd. 2020 offer

Lottery games in Nigeria are popular with millions of people who are eager to play local lotto games, but also more and more often play foreign lotteries. Thanks to the development of the Internet and the access to online services, Nigerians take part in the draws of such Nigerian lotto games as, for example, Baba Ijebu Lotto games, Western Splash, Western Millions, or world-famous Powerball from the USA or EuroMillions from Europe. The main reason for enjoying this type of entertainment is of course the desire to have fun, but also the desire to fulfill the dream of claiming huge prizes and be a winner.


Westernlotto com is one of the most popular websites among lotto enthusiasts in Nigeria. Its popularity increases every year, and already has several million regular customers who fill in their tickets every week to win money. What does Western Lotto have to offer? Is it worth joining the growing community of regular players? Let's check out which games you can play after registration of an account.


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Western Lotto in Nigeria – general information about www westernlotto com


Westernlotto.com website belongs to the company Western Lotto Nigeria Limited, using the abbreviated name - Western Lotto. The company has a license to operate in the country and is regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. The office is located in Lagos and is available from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 20.00 local time.


Western Lotto is a good place to work for. This company employes almost 20 000 youths in 18 states, for example in Ogun state, Edo state, Kano state, and in Lagos state. So if you want to find a job for example in Ogun, maybe it is worth checking out their job offers? More information you can find at their official page - westernlotto com.


Western Lotto in Nigeria is one of the largest lottery and bookmaker companies in the country. It also has a license for sports bets and casinos offering legal games (roulette and dice or non-skilled card games are illegal in this country). Is it worth to register for an account to bet and play lotto?


Western Lotto (www westernlotto com) offers mainly national lotto games, but international lotto games are also part of the game portfolio. It should be noted, however, that Western Lotto does not offer mediation in the purchase of tickets, but the possibility of betting which numbers will be selected during the official draw. All prizes are paid directly by Western Lotto. This means that when a player predicts which numbers will be selected in the Powerball draw, he does not play for the jackpot in this lottery, but for prizes determined in advance by Western Lotto in Nigeria.


Western Lotto Nigeria Ltd. from the very beginning of its operations aims at providing Nigerians with the opportunity to play the best lotto games, with attractive cash prizes, in a completely safe manner. Does the company manage to achieve this goal? It's fair to say yes, because brand reputation and customer trust are constantly growing.


The offer of Western Lotto Nigeria is intended for adult players, people who are at least 18 years old.


If you have any questions about playing the lotto at Western Lotto Nigeria Ltd. website, about a registration, the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, international games, any results, your account and a money prize for each game - it's worth to use support (www westernlotto com), which you can contact by email or phone during office hours.


Western Lotto offer - which games you can play?


The Western Lotto company's services are available online, you just need Internet access, a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or PC. Lotto games are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please note that your lucky numbers in the available games can be picked at the latest one hour before the draw of any game in which the player wants to take part. The creators of the brand offer their customers a modern application for mobile phones with Android or iOS.


The offer of Western Lotto is also available as SMS betting. This means you send your picks using a text messge and you don't have to register at westernlotto com website. This option is only available to customers using a Nigerian cell network phone.


Nigerian lotteries such as Western Lotto Keno, Kashman 100, LottoRace, Lotto 5/11, Lucky 6, Western Millions and Western Splash (Lotto 5/90) are the main part of Western Lotto's offer. In addition, players can also bet on the results of Mega Millions and Powerball draw from the USA, UK Lotto, and EuroMillions. Instant Keno, where you can win up to ₦1,000,000 is also noteworthy.


The player can make a deposit using several payment methods: ATM cards, QuickTeller, GTBank, WebPay after the registration process. More information about deposits available at westernlotto com.


The lucky numbers that the player wants to choose as those that he thinks will be selected during the draw as the official result, the player can choose for himself or use the Auto Pick option.


In addition to the information on how many numbers to choose, each time a table is presented which informs about the amount of prizes that can be claimed in case of correct prediction. So it's worth checking what stake you're playing before placing your bets. It's fair to say that the Western Lotto Nigeria offer is more like betting, rather than playing a classic lotto game.


It is worth noting that the company offers a program to fight gambling addiction. A player who notices a problem with betting addiction can lock his account at Western Lotto Nigeria for up to 10 years. More information available at westernlotto com.


Results of each lotto game from westernlotto com

How to check out the daily results and winning numbers? It's nothing easier. All of the lotto results, with clear information about the prize, are presented by the official page of westernlotto. This is the best online source of information about your favorite game and the official result of the draw.

You need to know that the owners of the Western lotto game page want to present all the results as soon as possible. They publish all the winning numbers immediately after the draw.

When you want to verify all the results of Western Lotto games, check out the "Result" tab, choose your game and date of the draw, and then you will see all the winning numbers and results. You can check out the daily results and the results from any date from the past.

You don't have to register your account to check out the Western Lotto daily results and the archive of all the 25 Lotto Nigeria results from previous draws. Western Lotto is the best website to check out all the results of their online games of chance.

Don't forget to visit westernlotto com after the draw to check out the results of your game to find out are you a winner thanks to playing online LottoRace and any other games.

Our opinion on Western Lotto


Our opinion about Western Lotto is good, but not perfect. The form of lotto offered by the Nigerian company undoubtedly has its advantages and a number of supporters. However, in our opinion, a traditional lotto game in which the player chooses his numbers and buys the offical lottery tickets that take part in the draw has much more charm.

Let's look at an example: by predicting Powerball numbers on the Western Lotto Nigeria Ltd. website, a player who correctly predicts all numbers can receive tens of thousands of ₦. If he’d play the same numbers on the site that allows the purchase of official Powerball lottery tickets, he would win no less than the minimum jackpot of $40,000,000!


We rather go with playing for the highest prizes and record jackpots, so we recommend sites where you can buy official lotto tickets and play for real money, while we recommend Western Lotto Nigeria as an additional form of entertainment. Still, we keep our fingers crossed for the further development of the company and their page
westernlotto com.


To sum up - if you want to play games of chance and bet online, you can register at Western Lotto com and create your account. After registration, all Western games online are ready to offer you a lot of emotions. If winning is your destiny, one day you will be a winner thanks to your luck and your winning numbers. This is your choice and your decision. If you want to pick the offer of Western Lotto online and bet - register at westernlotto com, play to win, pick your numbers, and keep fingers crossed for the best results. 


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Western Lotto Nigeria Ltd. alternative for you


If you are looking for really huge emotions and high-level adrenaline - we have an interesting offer for you. We would like to encourage you to discover an amazing world of international lotto games with a huge prize. You can play for really big money, thanks to which you will gain financial independence. 25 Lotto Nigeria gives you the possibility to play GG World Keno, GG World Million and GG World Raffle - lottery games that are available online for players from around the world.


Why should you consider playing one of our games? GG World Million brings you a minimum jackpot of $1,000,000. The jackpot may grow without any upper limits until one of the players picks all the required numbers correctly. You will love to play this game! It’s worth emphasizing that using our services, you buy the official GG World Lottery tickets and play for huge prizes offered by the lottery organizer, while at Western Lotto you only bet on the numbers that will be selected during the draw and play for prizes offered by Western Lotto and not the huge prizes offered by the official lottery.


GG World Keno, GG World Raffle and GG World Mega Jackpot online are great fun and a great adventure that you can experience from the comfort of your home. Simply register an account on our website (you can do it using a computer or smartphone), choose your lucky numbers and buy tickets online. Then just keep your fingers crossed for the successful results of the draw.


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