Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough

What is Baba Ijebu Lotto?

Baba Ijebu (also called Baba Ijebu paymemydough) is now a household name in Nigeria. There is hardly any state in Nigeria (aside from a few Northern states) where you won’t hear the name. Baba Ijebu is the street name for Premier Lotto Limited which is one of the biggest lottery and sports event betting companies in Nigeria. Premier Lotto, one of the oldest lottery operators in Nigeria, was launched in the year 2001 shortly after the Federal Government of Nigeria approved lottery and other sports betting. The game went on to become so popular beginning from Lagos where it all started and where its head office remains till today. This lottery has undoubtedly gained wide acceptance by Nigerians. 

It might interest you to know that the term ‘Baba Ijebu’ is more popular than the term ‘Premier Lotto’. In fact, many of the players don’t even know the real name of the lottery company. The term ‘Baba Ijebu’ comes from the Yoruba language meaning an elderly man from Ijebu (a place in Ogun State of Nigeria). This, they got from the local dialect of the founder and CEO of Premier Lotto Limited - Sir Kensington Adebukunola Adebutu CON, KJW, FISM who is from Ikene in Ogun State, Nigeria. With time, the term ‘Baba Ijebu paymemydough’ has also become popular on the streets.


baba ijebu

The Baba Ijebu paymemydough game is one that deals with predictions. You get to choose some set of numbers and then stake on them. If at least two of these numbers make the draw, you win a substantial amount of money and the amount you can win increases with an increase in the amount you stake, the kind of game you play, and how many numbers make the draw. Different games have different multipliers. These multipliers are what stand as odds in the lottery. So the amount you get to win is the initial amount you stake times the multiplier.

When the results are released, they come in two sets of 5 numbers – winning numbers and machine numbers. The winning numbers just like the name implies are the numbers that determine winnings. They are the actual result that you should be targeting because when the numbers you chose fall into this category, you’ve won. The machine number on the other hand represents a near miss. It’s said to be the last set of numbers that the numbers produce after producing the winning result. There are always speculations that these machine numbers hold great promises though.

What is the meaning of Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough?

You have learned about how Premier Lotto came about the name ‘Baba Ijebu’ but we are sure you may want to ask why the game is also called Baba Ijebu paymemydough. The term ‘Baba Ijebu paymemydough’ (Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough) literally means Baba Ijebu pay me my money. The dough in the statement represents money. This statement doesn’t in any way imply that the company owes those who play, rather it’s an expression of optimism that they will win one day and Baba Ijebu Lotto will have to pay them.

Players make this statement out of hope and enthusiasm in the game. They hope that they will one day hit the big one day which Baba Ijebu Lotto might have a hard time paying. The dream of every player is to of course win the big one. Over time, the name stuck all and people started referring to the game as ‘Baba Ijebu paymemydough’. 

How to play Baba Ijebu Lotto?

There are many lottery games to play in the BabaIjebu paymemydough game and these lotteries are played on certain days. A particular lottery can be played more than once a week on two, three, or four days a week. The results of these lotteries are also released at a particular time independent of others, that is, three lotteries can be in play on a particular day but they will end and will have different results released at different times. The different lotteries and the days they are played are listed below:








Diamond Lotto results are always released every Monday at 9:45 AM and Thursday at 3:45 PM.

Peoples Lotto results are usually released Mondays at 12:45 PM and Thursdays at 9:45 AM.

Bingo Lotto results are always released every Monday at 3:45 PM and Thursday at 10:45 PM.

Monday Special (MSP) Lotto results are released every Monday at 7:15 PM.

Metro Lotto results are always released every Monday at 7:15 PM and Friday at 12:45 PM.

International Lotto results are always released every Monday at 10:45 PM and Thursday at 7:15 PM.

Royal Lotto results are always released every Friday at 9:45 AM and Sunday at 9:45 AM.

Mark II Lotto results are always released every Wednesday at 12:45 PM and Sunday at 12:45 PM.

Enugu Lotto results are always released every Wednesday at 7:15 PM and Sunday at 3:45 PM.

Lucky Lotto results are always released every Tuesday at 7:15 PM and Wednesday at 10:45 PM and Sunday at 7:15 PM.

Tota Lotto results are always released every Wednesday at 9:45 AM and Sunday at 10:45 PM.Baba Ijebu Lotto games – check the current Baba Ijebu offer 


The NAP games are more like games that are played with utmost certainty. Here you stake on numbers and those numbers must make it among the 5 final winning numbers to be drawn. They have a higher payout than most other games but have a lesser chance to be won.

1. The NAP1 Game

This is a game where you choose one number and stake on it to become first among those released on the draw. This game can only be won if this number you chose come number one in the released results. It has a multiplier of 40.

2.  The NAP2 (Two-sure) Game

The NAP2 game popularly known as two-sure is a game where you select two numbers and stake that these two numbers will make the winning draw on the lottery you played on. This game has a multiplier of 240 meaning that if you win, you get 240 times of what you staked.

3. The NAP3 (Three-direct) Game

The NAP3 game is popularly known as three-direct and is a game where you select three numbers and stake on them to be among the 5 winning numbers when they are drawn. It has a multiplier of 2,100 so you can see that if you win this game, you will have very big cash out. 2,100 times whatever you stake in will definitely be a big amount.

4. The NAP4 Game

This game also known as four-direct is a game where you pick four numbers and stake on them to make it among the winning numbers when they are drawn. It has a multiplier of 6,000 which means for a win, you get 6,000 times what you stake in it. 

5. The NAP5 Game

This game is also called five-direct. Here, you pick five numbers and stake on them to make it out as the final winning draw when the game ends. It has a multiplier of 44,000 so you can envisage how much one can get when one wins.


Permutation games increase one’s chances of winning. Many go for the permutation games because they consider them to be less risky than the Baba Ijebu Lotto NAP games. Whereas in the NAP games all the numbers you choose must make the draw, you would win in the permutation game when you have at least 2 numbers making it in the draw.

In the permutation games, you can choose a minimum of 3 numbers and a maximum of 10 numbers, and the more numbers you choose, the more your stake. Once you choose the numbers, it creates lines. For permutation 2 games, 2 numbers create 1 line, 3 numbers create 3 lines, 5 numbers create 10 lines, 10 numbers create 45 lines, and so on. When you select a certain amount of number, your total stake will be your single stake times the number of lines that were created, i.e. if you choose 3 numbers and want to stake N10 on each, your total stake will be 3*3*10 = N90. If it were to be a 5 number, it would be 5*10*10 = N500. The winnings on the other hand are equal to individual stakes on each number*number of lines*multiplier. Thus an increase in the number of lines and your staking will increase your winning amount.

1. The Permutation 2 Game

In the permutation 2 game, you can choose between 3 numbers (minimum) and 10 numbers (maximum). In this game, 2 numbers create 1 line, 3 numbers create 3 lines, 5 numbers create 10 lines, and so on. For you to win, 2 of the numbers you stake on must make the final result draw. The permutation 2 game has a multiplier of 240 and your winnings depend on the number of lines that you win among others.


Baba Ijebu pay me my dough


2. The Permutation 3 Game

In the permutation 3 game, you can choose between 4 numbers (minimum) and 10 numbers (maximum). In this game, 3 numbers produce 1 line, 4 numbers produce 4 lines, 5 numbers produce 10 lines, and so on. For you to win, 3 of the numbers you stake on must make the final result draw. The permutation 3 game has a multiplier of 2,100 and your winnings depend on the number of lines that you win among others.

3. The Permutation 4 Game

In the permutation 4 game, you can choose between 5 numbers (minimum) and 10 numbers (maximum). In this game, 4 numbers produce 1 line, 5 numbers produce 10 lines, 6 numbers produce 15 lines, and so on. For you to win, 4 of the numbers you stake on must make the final result draw. The permutation 4 game has a multiplier of 6,000 and your winnings depend on the number of lines that you win among others.

4. The Permutation 5 Game

In the permutation 5 game, you can choose between 6 numbers (minimum) and 10 numbers (maximum). In this game, 5 numbers produce 1 line, 6 numbers produce 6 lines, 7 numbers produce 21 lines, and so on. For you to win, 5 of the numbers you stake on must make the final result draw. The permutation 5 game has a multiplier of 44,000 and your winnings depend on the number of lines that you win among others.



1. The Banker 1 Game

This is a type of game where you choose a number between 1 and 90 and stake on it to make the winning draw. The total stake that you can stake on a banker 1 equals the single stake amount*89. If you want to stake a single stake of N50 then the total stake will be 50*89 which is N4,450. It has a multiplier of 960 so the winning amount will be 960*total stake. For the earlier example, a total stake of N4,450 will fetch you 960*4,450 which is N4,272,000.

2. The Banker 2 Game

The Banker 2 game is can fetch you some good money. Here, you pick a minimum of 3 numbers and a maximum of 10 numbers with the first number as your banker ball. For you to win, your banker ball must appear in the draw alongside one other number that you staked on. Once you make your pick, your numbers generate lines. 3 numbers generate 2 lines, and so on. The Banker 2 game has a multiplier of 240 so the normal mathematical formula applies in getting the total winning.

When you play 3 numbers that produce 2 lines with a total stake of N100 (N50 single stake), you win N50*240 = N12,000 when your banker ball and one other game make the draw.















N50*40 =N2,400


NAP2 (Two-sure)




N50*240 = N12,000


NAP3 (Three-direct)




N50*2,100 = N105,000


NAP4 (Four-direct)




N50*6,000 = N300,000


NAP5 (Five-direct)




N50*44,000 = N2,200,000



3 – 10




5*1 LINE* 240 = N1,200


5*3 LINES*240 = N3,600


5*10 LINES*240 = N12,000


4 – 10




5*1 LINE* 2,100 = N10,500


5*4 LINES*2,100 = N42,000


5*10 LINES*2,100 = N105,000


5 – 10




10*1 LINE*6,000 = N60,000


10*5 LINES*6,000 = N300,000


10*15 LINES*6,000 = N900,000


6 – 10




9*1 LINE*44,000 = 396,000


9*6 LINES*44,000 = 2,376,000


9*21 LINES*44,000 = 8,316,000





960*4,450 = N4,272,000.



3 – 10



N50*240 = N12,000


How to play BabaIjebu PayMeMyDough?

Playing BabaIjebu paymemydough is not really hard. Premier Lotto has outlets on many streets of Lagos and many other cities all you need do is walk and do the following:

    • Choose a particular lottery/draw to play.

    • Choose 5 numbers from 1 – 90.

    • State clearly the particular game type you want to play.

    • State the amount you’re willing to stake (minimum wager is N50 and the maximum wager is N50,000)

    • Collect your ticket and check the result when it’s out. Results are usually released 6 times daily.

With the introduction of the internet and mobile technology, BabaIjebu pamemydough can be played by using USSD code for users of a particular mobile network, MTN. All users of this network need to do are:

    • Dial *755# to get access to Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough mobile gaming service.

    • Confirm that you have gone above 18 years.

    • Accept the terms and conditions given.

    • Choose the games you want to play whether NAP2 or PERM2.


How Baba Ijebu result can change your life?

There are many ways that Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough can change your life. The Baba Ijebu result is released 6 times daily and if you won, there are numerous things you can do with your winnings.

Firstly, you can use your winnings to purchase land property for yourself and your family. With the way the value of real estate keeps increasing in Nigeria, it would be a nice avenue to invest your Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough winnings and get yourself a better future. You can also get a house so as not to continually pay rents to Landlords which enriches them.

Secondly, you could use your winnings from Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough to further your academic pursuit either in the country or abroad. Many might be nursing this ambition but lack the financial muscle to pull through but if the Baba Ijebu result favors you, you could be on your way to achieving your academic dreams.

A third way that the Baba Ijebu result can change your life if you win is to give you a good start-up capital if you wanted to go into business but lacked the money to do so. Many people became proud and successful business owners today as a result of Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough. It was as if Baba Ijebu Lotto heard them and paid them their ‘dough’ at the right time when it was needed. Baba Ijebu can help you start your own business or boost yours with the capital if you already have one.

Another way that Baba Ijebu result has changed people’s lives is by helping them with the resources to relocate abroad (especially young people). If you have the passion to travel out but don’t have the money to do so, then the lottery can be of help.

Generally, winning Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough can guarantee you a safe future as you would have the funds to pursue whatever dream or career you have but you have to be careful. There are lots of scammers and thieves who would love to take that money away from you. From the day you win, when you collect your winnings till when you use it for whatever purpose, please be extra careful.


baba ijebu paymemydough

How to check Baba Ijebu result for today?

Many people that play Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough offline usually go to their outlets and kiosks scattered all over the place to check the results when they are released. But checking Baba Ijebu results for today has become a lot easier. You can get it on your phone or the web.

For those who would want to check on their phones, they have to buy the Baba Ijebu result premier card containing a pin. You would send the pin as an SMS to 32240 applicable to all networks. This will make you receive daily Baba Ijebu results directly to your phone for a month. If you use MTN, all you need do is to simply text the code to 07030000280 and you would get the Baba Ijebu result on your phone.

Baba Ijebu prediction – is it worth to use free and paid predictions?

This question has remained in the heads of many people that are yet to win or have won but not as much as they want. What then are Baba Ijebu predictions? Baba Ijebu predictions are forecasts made by people who claimed to have mastered the Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough game. They can be free or paid Baba Ijebu predictions. Free predictions don’t require you to pay before getting them while paid predictions require some fee or some amount of the potential winnings.

In the early days of the game, people got Baba Ijebu predictions from Ghana because lottery has been a strong industry there many years before it was approved in Nigeria. These Ghanaians collected some fees for sending predictions across. These days, many people are offering this same service online and offline. Some do it for free while others don’t.

Using free or paid Baba Ijebu prediction is not bad in itself but you must be careful not to get scammed of your money. If it’s free, you can try them out but if it’s paid you should think deeply before making up your mind. Ask for proof, making inquiries from other people who know the predictor to know how genuine he is and what he/she has delivered so far.

In all of these, note that draws in these games is made by machines and not humans so there is a 50-50 chance that their prediction might not go a planned. If you’re told that they have someone at the head office that gives them the draws beforehand (a lie they usually tell), don’t believe such. Rather most Baba Ijebu predictions are based on years of experience and using that experience to forecast results for the future.

There are many social media groups where you can get access to free and paid Baba Ijebu predictions. A search on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter and the result will bring up many of them. Some are popular on Facebook like the Baba Ijebu Facebook Community where you would see many people dropping some Baba Ijebu predictions. ‘Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough’ and ‘Baba Ijebu pay me my cash’ are two other popular groups where you can get free and paid Lotto Nigeria predictions.

TOP5 tips on how to win Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough

Just like every other game, Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough has strategies for winning and only know these. Many spend time forecasting alone without having a well-defined and planned strategy. Let’s look at some tips that can make you get lucky in today’s Baba Ijebu result draws.

1. Play on a budget. Budget how much you are willing to spend on Baba Ijebu Lotto daily or weekly but make the budget a sizeable one.

2. Have a set of personal numbers. Have a set of personal numbers (which some call lucky numbers) that you play consistently even if they don’t win today. Play some of your personal numbers in the morning and others in the evening. If you don’t win, copy the results and mix some of your numbers, and play. By the week’s end, you would win something. If the Baba Ijebu result for today doesn’t favor you with this strategy, it will tomorrow.

3. Don’t ignore machine numbers. Machine numbers might be the winning numbers but they are like a near-miss in this game. Don’t ignore them, play them more often.  

4. Form a playing Syndicate. Gather people of like mind who want their numbers to be in Baba Ijebu results for today. These people usually have lots of information at their fingertips and can contribute a lot. Join one today if you haven’t.

5. Play more regularly. Do you want to win more? Then you definitely have to play more. This will not only boost your winning chances, it will also expose you to some new tricks and ideas in the game.

TOP5 mistakes to avoid when you will win Baba Ijebu Lotto

Some winners who got their Baba Ijebu prediction right and won huge amounts became unhappy later on. This happens because there are many mistakes that winners of Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough and indeed many other lotteries kept making. It won’t be nice for you to win and after a short while, return to ground zero. This necessitated us to write about the common mistakes that winners of BabaIjebu paymemydough winners keep making.

1. Broadcasting the news and telling everyone that they just won a lottery.

2. Spending lavishly without a good spending plan.

3. Competing with others just to show off new wealth and/or intimidate them.

4. Procrastination on their set goals which may lead to not achieving them at all.

5. Sponsoring the plans of family, friends, and other associates. While this is good and inevitable, one needs to watch it.  

Our alternative for Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough

Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough remains a great brand and a household name in the lottery business in Nigeria but it’s not without its flaws. From poor customer service by some agents, unsatisfactory odds, to agent absconding with customers’ winnings, there have been several complaints about Baba Ijebu Lotto. Many other lottery agencies have come out with better services. One of such lottery firms that has much more to offer is 25Lotto.com.

25lotto.com is a brand of 25lotto LIMITED. It is the first brand to do online national lotteries. The odds at 25lotto.com are incomparable to those gotten elsewhere. It offers two lottery games – The GG World Mega Jackpot with a jackpot of N110,000,000.00 and The GG World Keno where you can win up to N100,000,000 and the draw takes place every 4 minutes. 25lotto.com stands out as one of the best in lottery services in Nigeria.

Read also our article about the GG World Lotto offer available online here at 25lotto.com

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