Lotto in Nigeria – how you can play?

Lotteries are popular around the world because they are a very good way to entertain yourself, and if you have some luck - they can bring huge winnings. Just like betting or casino games, lotteries guarantee great emotions, adrenaline and excitement for the player when he awaits the results of the draw. We have several hundred large national lotteries around the world, as well as thousands of smaller lottery games that are mainly of local interest. In case of large national lotteries, if they offer high jackpots or high chances of winning, they also arouse interest outside the country and gain international fans. Powerball where prize is a minimum jackpot of $ 40 million is a great example for us and became famous all over the world.

Are Nigerians interested in lotteries? How can you play lottery and check the winning numbers in Nigeria?

Are all lotteries legal in Nigeria?

There are numerous casinos in country, points offering bets for sports, as well as lottery ticket sales points. Sales points are subject to the regulations of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, which divides gambling in country into legal and illegal. Legal forms include prize lotteries, ground casinos and betting. Illegal include roulette, dice games, and non-skilled card games.

Nigerians can use national and international websites offering online lottery, draw numbers and other legal forms of entertainment to win your prize. African bookmakers operate in Nigeria with a license to operate in this country, as well as national online lotteries. Law does not prohibit the use of all international bookmaking or online lottery services presenting draw numbers. Exceptions are of course illegal forms of prize gambling, which may not be used online. Gambling, including lottery, is allowed in Nigeria for players aged 18 and older.


lotto in Nigeria

Lotteries in local sales points

Ground-based lottery sales points operate in Nigeria, same as anywhere in the world. Baba Ijebu Lottery game organized by company Baba Ijebu, also known as Premier Lotto Nigeria Limited is one of the most-chosen lotteries among lovers of big wins and great emotions looking for a prize. Tickets for this game, as well as several other local lotteries are available in so-called lottery shops, which can be found in largest cities of the country. You can check winning numbers there and receive your prize if you are one of winners, too.


Here you can also read about the R&S Lotto Nigeria offer. They don't have their official website, but they are really popular in our country.

If you wish to participate in lottery game in a traditional way, visit a lottery shop, fill in a ticket of your selected Nigerian lottery with draw numbers. You may also enter your numbers to the salesperson, who will manually enter them into the system and generate your official paper lottery ticket with draw numbers for you. It is worth noting that the availability of the traditional form of lottery game is limited in small towns.

Lotto Nigeria online

As many as 93 million inhabitants in Nigeria used mobile phones in 2011. In recent years, this number has increased significantly - today the vast majority of adult Nigerians use modern smartphones with internet access for checking their winning numbers. Online payments, online wallets are also very popular. Online lottery is experiencing a real boom due to the fact that Nigerians use internet to check their winning numbers ane see if they won a prize more often. People are switching from using websites with a computer or laptop to mobile applications and smartphones, thanks to which they can have your favorite entertainment at hand.


The most popular lottery websites where you can buyt a ticket and check your winning numbers in Nigeria online are:


International websites, such as LottoPark.com are also available, where it is possible to find your lottery games from other parts of the world including the national lottery. Such sites are of interest to Nigerians because they offer world’s most popular lottery games and your winning numbers for biggest prize. Popularity of games such as Mega Millions, Powerball, SuperEnalotto and EuroMillions or the national lottery has already reached Nigeria and makes more and more people play international online lottery. If it wouldn’t be development of internet, it would be really hard to play the abovementioned lotteries in Nigeria.


Playing your lottery game online for a prize (such as Powerball or the national lottery) is more convenient and enjoyable than visiting a lottery ticket sales points. You don't have to queue and waste time, and most of all, you don't have to leave the house. Your lottery tickets can be bought anytime, on way to school, or work and check winning numbers after a draw. Residents of smaller towns where lottery shops are not available can participate in draw or check winning numbers thanks to lotto online.


How to play lottery online safely in Nigeria?


Due to a large numbers of websites that offer Nigerians opportunity to play lotto online, it is worth remembering that there are also sites classified as so-called scams among reputable and trustworthy websites. How do you choose a website to play and check winning numbers?


In case of national lotteries, it's simple, because it's best to choose official lottery websites run by company organizing a lottery. By playing Nigerian lottery on an authorized site, which operates under the supervision of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, it is possible to pick your lucky winning numbers and pay for the tickets without any worries. Transactions are properly secured and players' money is 100% secure.


How do you choose a lotto site when you feel like playing foreign lotteries like the national lottery? Your best solution will be to use a site, which has extensive experience, rich history and a good reputation in world of online lottery games. There are several known companies whose offer is intended for lovers of lotteries from around the world. LottoPark website which we have already mentioned and offers access to the largest jackpots is one of industry leaders,. The brand stands out not only with many years of experience, but also by its high recognition and for many satisfied customers who have been using its services for years.


If you want to play foreign lotteries or the national lottery in Nigeria, choose a reliable and recognized website that will provide not only a wide range of games, but also numerous payment methods, 24-hour support and a guarantee of security. Do not trust websites you can’t find a review about or have been just launched.

New lotteries online available in Nigeria in 2020

We have an interesting proposition for lovers of huge cash prize! Largest global online lotteries have finally reached Nigeria. We are talking about GG World Mega Jackpot - a lottery with a minimum jackpot prize of $1,000,000! What's more, if none of the players correctly indicates the numbers selected during a draw, prize pool for the next lottery draw increases!

lotto in Nigeria

How many times would you have to win the jackpot in biggest Nigerian lotteries to win a prize worth $1,000,000? Yes, one million dollars in cash! Can you imagine how many dreams you could realize thanks to winning GG World Mega Jackpot? The amazing prize is worth it!


That’s not all. Your 25 Lotto Nigeria also offers other attractive games from the GG World Lotto family. These are absolute hits that are already gaining huge interest among millions of players around the world. GG World Raffle and GG World Keno are next opportunities to have a great time, and if luck smiles upon you, claim impressive prizes.


Play Your online lotto, check the Nigeria Lotto results and winning numbers and enjoy entertainment available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere on earth. Maybe you will be the first Nigerian to win a jackpot in GG World Lottery? We keep our fingers crossed for your winning numbers!

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