Nigerian Lotto – What games are available in Nigeria?

Nigeria is one of the African countries where gambling is very well developed and has a lot to offer. It is not difficult to find lovers of fun, risk, adrenaline, and, of course, cash prizes among Nigerians. Who wouldn't want to have a good time and, with a bit of luck, win some money?


The people of Nigeria are very keen on playing the lotto. The Nigerian Lotto is an industry where numerous domestic companies that are licensed and regulated by the government compete. What's more, international companies that offer attractive lotto games via the Internet are also fighting for Nigerian customers.


What games does the Nigerian Lotto offer? What games do Nigerians especially like? What is worth playing in 2020? All your questions will be answered in our mini-guide on the most popular games and Nigerian Lotto.


Nigerian Lotto


Nigerian Lotto – Best offers of local companies


There are several regulated and licensed companies operating in the country that offer Nigerian Lotto online and at stationary points of sale run by the official agents of the lottery. Points of sale are available in major cities and towns in Nigeria. People who are unable to purchase tickets from agents can use well-functioning websites offering Nigerian lotto online.


One of the leaders in the industry is Western Lotto, a company that, apart from number lotteries, also offers sports betting. Western Lotto Limited offers Nigerian Lotto players: Western Lotto Keno, Kashman 100, Lotto 5/11, Lucky 6, Western Millions, and Western Splash (Lotto 5/90). In the games offered by this company, there is no classic jackpot, a pool of prizes for which every lotto ticket purchased for a fixed price plays. Western Lotto players can purchase tickets for the stake of their choice, and in the event of winning the first tier prize, the ticket stake will be multiplied as many times as indicated in the table of winnings in the given game from the Western Lotto Limited offer.

Another popular brand offered by Nigerian Lotto is Baba Ijebu, which is run by Premier Lotto Limited. It has been operating since 2001 and offers not only lotto but also sports betting. The Nigerian Lotto offer at Baba Ijebu includes games such as Premier 06, Premier Jackpot, Premier Lucky G, Premier Super, and Premier Club Master. Click here to find out more about Baba Ijebu offer. Every day, players using this brand's offer can play other games and win attractive prizes, the amount of which, like in Western Lotto, depends on the stake and the number of numbers selected by the player in a given lottery.

The group of companies offering Nigerian Lotto can’t miss Green Lotto, which has two basic game models: Green Lotto 5/90 and Green Lotto 5/99. Each model offers a range of games where you choose 5 numbers out of 90 or 5 numbers out of 99. Each game has its own individual rules and prizes to be won. The amount of the prizes depends on the ticket stake (minimum ₦50, maximum ₦100,000) and the type of bet: NAP 1 - NAP 5, Permutation, Banker, Against, and Turbo. On this page you can read more about the Green Lotto offer.


Speaking of the Nigerian Lotto, it is worth mentioning one more company that still has a lot to do to get closer to its competitors but already deserves praise today. Lotto9ja is a company that started its operations only a year ago, and today it can boast a wide lotto offer and ambassadors known throughout the country. Lotto9ja offers 3 types of lotto games, including Nigerian Lotto with classic jackpots modeled on American and European lotteries. The highest of them is as much as ₦7,500,000 to be won in the 9ja Mega - Hourly Lottery. It is worth taking a closer look at the company's offer and observing its further development because considering what it has managed to achieve so far, it can be safely stated that it has a great chance to join the leading three Nigerian Lotto operators in the coming years.


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Nigerian Lotto

New Nigerian Lotto online – GG World  Mega Jackpot and Keno


Recently, new games have appeared in Nigeria that can be played online - GG World Mega Jackpot and GG World Keno. Contrary to the classic Nigerian lotteries, GG World Mega Jackpot offers a jackpot known from American or European lotteries.

The GG World Mega Jackpot lottery offers its players a minimum first tier prize of ₦111,657,500, and thanks to rollovers, the prize pool can grow until one of the players correctly selects 7 numbers. Currently, GG World lotteries are available as Nigerian Lotto online, but soon it is planned to expand the business with stationary points of sale of traditional, paper tickets.


GG World Raffle and GG World Keno are new attractive games for Nigerians. Transparent rules, very attractive cash prizes, and most importantly - the ability to play from home make new players decide every day to play and buy tickets that can bring luck.


Details on the new Nigerian Lotto: GG World Mega Jackpot, Keno, and Raffle can be found on our 25lotto.com website. We also encourage you to open a player account on our website with a few clicks and join the GG lottery fans. We are still waiting for the first big winner from Nigeria to break the bank and win the biggest in the GG World Nigerian Lotto online.


Play Nigerian Lotto and win!


If you want to introduce a little excitement and fun into your life - join the lotto world in which you will certainly not be bored. The new Nigerian Lotto - GG World Mega Jackpot and GG World Keno is a chance for extra money and even a great fortune that can change your life for the better, secure your future, and help your loved ones.

Remember that you have to play to win, so get a ticket now and keep your fingers crossed for the draw results. We keep our fingers crossed and wish you high wins.

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